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  • asiCast 22 – Bas de Vos talks daily online ratings

    As we reported a few days ago, from the first of January SKO in the Netherlands has been providing daily ratings for programme content viewed online – the first organisation anywhere offering such a service. For this asiCast we asked Bas de Vos, SKO’s Chief Executive, to explain to Richard… Read more

  • Four Questions For Radio

    As we put the holidays in our rear-view mirror and begin to settle in for what’s ahead for 2016 (and beyond), Paul and I have been thinking long and hard about some bigger-than-life questions about radio and what’s next for the industry. From our journey to CES earlier this month… Read more

  • Aegis, ITV and the Trades

    Almost four weeks into the year and already two of my hopes for 2016 lie in tatters. Way, way back on January 6th (remember then? It was great to be alive wasn’t it? Such an air of optimism, such an air of hope) I said I hoped that 2016 would… Read more

  • The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple,” Oscar Wilde famously pointed out. In the audience measurement business a less famous British commentator, Rodney Harris, noted in the 1980s that: “Media research is not designed to find out the truth. It is a treaty between interested parties.” Certainly, if by… Read more

  • OzTAM connected device viewing metrics

    OzTAM has announced the initial phase of its Video Player Measurement (VPM) Report would launch the week commencing February 7th. This means the first public reports – which encompass rolling seven-day data  (i.e., cumulative viewing during the previous seven days) – will be available the following week. OzTAM’s VPM Report… Read more

  • GfK wins radio audience research contract in New Zealand

    Nuremberg, January 27, 2016 – Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) commissioned GfK to perform the official radio research in New Zealand. Starting this year, GfK will deliver the industry audience currency for New Zealand radio. The contract will run through the end of 2020. On behalf of the New Zealand Radio… Read more